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Transform creative communications

Quark® products help you manage digital assets, automate workflows, deliver personalization on-demand, and of course, publish and create dynamic content for print, Web, and more.


Powerful layout software with an intuitive versatile interface so anyone can combine writing, editing, and typography with color and pictures to produce rich final output for print and Web. More than three million users worldwide rely on this market-leading software to produce richly designed projects that transform the business of creative communications.

XTensions software

Easy-to-install XTensions® software adds functionality and completely new features to Quark products. XTensions modules automate functions and eliminate repetitive steps with palettes, commands, tools, and menus that can help you save time and money.

Quark XPert Tools Pro

Expedite common publishing tasks and solve your most vexing publishing problems with tools tailored to page layout, typography, printing, and productivity tasks. This latest version includes support for EPS output styles, opacity, and more.

Quark Interactive Designer

With Quark Interactive Designer for QuarkXPress, you can create vibrant, interactive Macromedia® Flash® (SWF) projects - complete with features for sound, movies, and animation - using the same powerful tools that make QuarkXPress the world's premier design and page layout application.

Quark Print Collection

A rich set of prepress tools for QuarkXPress 7 and Adobe® Acrobat® 7. Are you are a publisher looking for an in-house solution to produce booklets and other multi-page jobs? Or a professional printer looking for a simple and flexible solution for your imposition needs? Quark Print Collection offers an unmatched balance of power and value - all for one low price.

Quark License Administrator

If your business or organization has more than five users of one or more Quark® products, Quark License Administrator (QLA) can provide better control and cost enhancements to the administration of software licenses.


QuarkCopyDesk® works with QuarkXPress® to help creative workgroups streamline editorial workflows and collaborate easily on high-quality creative communications. Using QuarkCopyDesk, writers can edit text to fit while viewing an exact representation of the graphically rich pages designers see, leaving nothing to guesswork. Text reformatting and reflow problems associated with traditional word processing workflows are eliminated.

QuarkXPress Server 7

QuarkXPress Server 7 brings a new level of automation to creativity – fusing design-rich documents and the power of server-based dynamic publishing technology to create, target, automate, and deliver beautiful, smart content that looks like it was designed by a top agency.

Quark Publishing System® (QPS®)

An integrated workflow solution that automates, streamlines, and tracks diverse production and review processes based on defined workflows. Companies in any industry can use QPS to classify, manage, control, and track any type of content through the production process; enhance efficiency and facilitate better communication through real-time collaboration; and streamline reviews and approvals with production tracking and version control.

Quark Content Manager (QCM)

An integrated content management solution that provides a unified content repository so creative teams can centralize and control the use of digital assets across the company. Marketing departments, advertising agencies, and publishers can use existing skills, legacy systems, and a secure Web portal to collaborate on projects and find, manage, and share content efficiently.

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More information on Quark Products is available at www.quark.com  


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