Network design, deployment and service

From design and architecture to deployment and service, Smart Solutions knows how to make your network perform for your business.

Design begins with the basics, one of which is ensuring that your network will have adequate bandwidth to meet the aggregate needs of everyone who will use it.

Do you have graphic designers who need to move large files and have unique storage and backup needs? What about work groups that use collaborative applications? How about a field sales force that needs remote access? Meeting these requirements, and many more, must be accounted for in the design process.

Closely related to design is network architecture. Architecture deals with anticipating the potential obstacles to data flow. For example, in large networks such as large corporations, the Internet connection can become a bottleneck. In this case, setting up a caching proxy server (caching frequently accessed web pages locally) can significantly improve performance. So a department of 30 employees all going to the same Web page can access it at Ethernet speed rather than WAN speed (T1 or DSL).

Network architecture also needs to plan for failure. A network should have redundancy built in so that if any one piece of equipment goes down, the network can still function. The degree of redundancy required is directly related to how your business uses its network. Generally, the more directly network failures affect revenue the more redundancy is necessary.

Network design and architecture planning demand comprehensive knowledge of hardware, standards and protocols, configuration options, and best practices. Our approach is to make sure we understand what the network is expected to support, including mission-critical applications, and then to choose appropriate equipment, configure it properly, and test its performance thoroughly.

There are many other potential components of a network including:

  • Hardware and software virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Providing for users with dial-up connections
  • Wireless access
  • Security, including hardware and software firewalls
  • Anti-virus protection for servers, email servers, and workstations
  • Physical access policies
  • Data backup and recovery procedures

Smart Solutions handles the data processing part of computer networks, but we also handle the cabling. As networks grow in complexity, it becomes crucial to connect everything in neat and orderly fashion. Our expert cabling team makes the complex seem simple!

Whether your network has 2 computers in adjacent cubicles, or hundreds of users throughout an office building, we have the experience and technical skills required to tie it all together! Industry standard cables and connectors mean your network stays connected. Carefully ordered and labeled cabling save you time if when it comes to time to change or upgrade the network, too!

Smart Solutions’ cabling team handles data cabling (CAT5, CAT6, fiber) as well as cabling for voice and convergent systems. We work quickly and efficiently, and once we’re done, the only signs we were ever there is hidden in the walls, the ceilings and the phone closets and server rooms!

Regardless of how large your organization is or how complex your network needs may be, Smart Solutions has the vision, experience, and technical expertise to match your network to your business.