Software Development

Smart Solutions Consulting professionals are dedicated to delivering what our clients have come to expect: innovative, marketrelevant and industrialized technology consulting solutions that drive high performance. We deliver all the solutions that an organization might need to positively impact business outcomes, from developing an IT strategy to solutions for optimizing the IT infrastructure and applications.

No matter what your project entails – whether it’s a custom application, a complex IT solution or a redesign of an existing network structure – Smart Solutions can create an outsourcing development structure that will provide you with the value, timeline and the budget you need.

In assessing your project requirements we will work closely with you to forge project specifications and make concrete recommendations concerning the ideal development environment including the necessary resources.

At Smart Solutions we want to be your outsourcing development company of choice. As such, we want to not only learn your business, but earn it as well. We do that through a total commitment to superior quality and clear communication. The result: An excellent return on your investment and a cutting edge solution that is second to none in the marketplace.

Smart Solutions offers complete custom software development solutions including consultancy, design & development services for small to medium size companies.

We at Smart Solutions understand that today’s business world is competitive & demanding therefore we suggest that custom software solutions is the right solution for you to make your business processes automated & manageable. When off-the-shelf software packages cannot meet your requirements then, consider the following benefits from our custom software solutions:

We provide tailored software applications to suit the growing requirements of small & medium size enterprises. We develop solutions for almost all industries such as retail, finance, accounting, entertainment, International Organizations and many more.

Our Software Development fit to all types and sizes of industries starting from only a one man company to thousands of employees organisation. We always believe in exceeding our customer’s expectations and always deliver within the deadlines and specification.

With so many years of experience in providing software development, our Software Engineers are highly qualified and skilled to discuss and understand your requirements without all the intimidating techno-language.

Smart Solutions’ custom software solutions include but are not limited to the following applications:

  • Client server / desktop applications
  • Internet / Intranet / Extranet solutions
  • Web Database design and development
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Mobile software applications
  • Web based solutions for e-commerce
  • Document management

What are the Advantages of Custom-Made Software?

Hardware and software to exactly meet your needs
Full support and consultation through all stages
Meets all your requirement
Easy to use. Custom-made applications can precisely match your working practices
works the way you want it to work
Pay a one off fee regardless of the number of users. So it costs less
Custom-made applications increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks and introducing new methods of working. You become more competitive and can respond quicker to your customers.
Your own unique software will enable to offer unique products and services, with a unique “look and feel”.

Representative Projects

Some of the successful projects with which Smart Solutions has provided total technical content and project management leadership include:

  • Translation Register application software- information backbone to the translation process workflow and document flow, keeps records of the translation process in all stages and links necessary software tools, providing interfaces for integrating different applications into the system. Technologies used: Microsoft SQL Server as a database; Hibernate object/relational mapping solution; Resin Web Server; Java platform with Struts framework as a developing tool; Jasper Reports as a reporting tool (Client: Government of Republic of Macedonia, Sector for European Integration, project funded by the Norwegian Government);
  • SEI-NPAL, Our team was engaged as a database, application and web designers and developers. The engagement lasted for about one year where the whole SQL database structure was created, including the client application and web application for editing and reporting. In this project several technologies were implemented, such as: Microsoft SQL Server as a database engine, Microsoft Visual Basic for the desktop client application, and ASP and JSP for the web application and dynamic reports including generating dynamic PDF reports (Client: Government of Republic of Macedonia, Sector for European Integration – National Program for Approximation of Laws, Project funded by the European Union).
  • Client Management Database Solution- Database solution with Intranet based reports used gathering different types of data from the Diary and Meat industry (Client: United States Agency of International Development (USAID) Macedonia Agribusiness Marketing Activity (MAMA) / Managed by: Land O’Lakes).
  • Meat-profiler, application that calculates the optimal (lowest price) product based on a certain set of base components and set of rules (constraints). The base and the optimized products are stored in the database with search features etc. (Client: United States Agency of International Development (USAID) Macedonia Agribusiness Marketing Activity (MAMA) / Managed by: Land O’Lakes).
  • Design and development of a database system for the Center for Foreign Languages – Manages courses, students, professors, languages, memberships and payment details information. In addition, it creates standard and extended reports in HTML format. Technologies used: MySQL open source database; Apache Tomcat Web Server; Java platform with Struts framework as a developing tool;